ERVantage Prepaid Card Denominations

Affordable HMO with PhilCare’s ERVantage line

As a mom and a wife, one of my greatest fears is for any of my beloved babies or for my husband to be hospitalized. Last year alone, George was hospitalized twice for two different reasons: amoebiasis and viral fever. And despite being a PhilHealth member, the hospital bills were still pretty high. My husband and I have always talked about availing of an HMO. I’ve searched and searched and searched online for something that we can both afford. However, with premiums ranging from 1500PhP/month above, we didn’t push through.

Last night while browsing Facebook, I came across an ad by PhilCare for their new line of products: The ER Vantage. It is a prepaid card which can be used once for emergency care leading to admission by the registered member (6 months to 64 years old). It has three (3) denominations available:

ER Vantage Prepaid Card Denominations

ER Vantage Prepaid Card Denominations (Screen grabbed from PhilCare’s website)


  • Each prepaid card covers room and board corresponding to plan type:

er vantage plan types

(Screen grabbed from PhilCare’s website)

  • Could also be used just for out-patient emergency room care

  • Covers hospital emergency care for animal bites except vaccines

  • Inclusive of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as medically necessary during ER and confinement

  • Covers special modalities of treatment  as medically necessary during ER and confinement and subject to Php 5,000 inner limit

  • No hospital deposit required

  • Nationwide access to designated PhilCare affiliated hospital

  • Exclusive access to Go!Mobile App that lets you check your health benefit packages and steadfast search of affiliated hospitals

  • Participation in the PhilCare 360 health and wellness programs


While reading and learning about the product, all I could think of was “Finally, I’ve found what we’ve been looking for!” 

1. ER Vantage is affordable! With prices from 900-1,300PhP/card, you get additional benefits on top of your PhilHealth benefits which you can use for hospitalization.

2. You don’t need to worry about monthly premiums as the card is prepaid.

My husband and I are definitely availing this soon– one for each of us in the family. This is one less headache for me. 😀

Thank you so much, PhilCare for making HMO affordable!


For more information, you may visit their Facebook or website.



17 thoughts on “Affordable HMO with PhilCare’s ERVantage line

    • Mommah Wonders says:

      It is very affordable. For families such as mine who only have PhilHealth and can’t afford getting another health card with monthly premiums, this is already a very big help!


    • Mommah Wonders says:

      Hi Sarah!

      That is so true. Doesn’t matter if you are always in the hospital or not… An HMO like this could go a long way than borrowing funds or what not when you or your loved one is hospitalized.


  1. janzcrystalz says:

    Thank God the company I am working for gave us HMO privilege though the lowest package I think, because we are only allowed one dependent per member. In our case hubby and I are both in the same company kaya covered na rin ang 2 kids namin.
    But hubby and I availed the Kaiser Health Insurance which we can use at the age of 60, kung kailan retired na and wala na free HMO.


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