UNBOXING: August 2015 BDJ Elite Box X The Look of Love by Revlon

Hurrah for August! Hurrah for my first ever Elite Box from BDJ!

I first learned about BDJ’s Elite Box offering some time in June when I received an email from them asking me if I wanted a refund for my August to September subscription or if I want to add 250PhP to convert it to an Elite box. I’ve only subscribed to two boxes previously (March and July 2015) and they were all regular boxes so I was ecstatic when I learned I am finally getting my hands on an elite one!

August 2015 BDJ Elite Box

Tadaaaaa! The August 2015 BDJ Elite Box

I received mine exactly a week after it was shipped out. (Shame on your chosen courier!) And as I’ve seen on BDJ Box’s Facebook Page and the BDJ Elite Circle Group, everything inside was from Revlon.

(WARNING: Almost everything is RED!)


Here’s what’s inside (in order of favorites):


Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Carnelian (5.9ml @ 525PhP)

I LOVE red lipsticks! And I’m excited for this one because it isn’t matte. It’s a lacquer and it has a glossy finish. I haven’t applied a gloss or a gloss type product since I was in high school! This is something new to add to my growing lip product collection.

Love That Red Lipstick

Revlon by Marchesa Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love that Red (4.2g @ 350PhP)

And another red lipstick to add to my collection! Hehehe… This one is from Revlon’s collaboration with the fashion house Marchesa. 


Revlon Core Nail Enamel in Valentine

Revlon by Marchesa Core Nail Enamel in Valentine (14.7ml @ 225PhP)

Seen enough red, yet? hahaha! Aside from painting my lips red, I love painting my nails red too! This shade is quite close to my favorite Pussy Red shade from Bobbie.


Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown

Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown (1.18ml @ 575PhP)

I’m currently quite interested with brows… I am even thinking of having my virgin brows shaped by a professional so this item is something that is on my to-try and to-use list. One end of the product is a defining pencil and the other end is a sheer tint gel to help shape and set the brows.

Lash Curler with Replacement Pad

Lash Curler with Replacement Pad (300PhP)

I’ve always wanted to try curling my lashes before applying my mascara but I never got a chance to buy myself a lash curler. hahah! Good thing this is included. 😀

Powder Blush in Mauvelous

Powder Blush in Mauvelous (5g @ 575PhP)

Being a powder-lip-balm-and-cheek-tint kind of girl you’ll prolly expect this item to be higher on the list but no… Ever since I discovered cheek tint (specifically EB’s Lip & Cheek Tint) I’ve never bothered with powdered blushes. This one looks like it suits my skin tone though.. so why not?

PhotoReady Eye Art in Burnished Bling

PhotoReady Eye Art in Burnished Bling (3ml @ 625PhP)

Not really sure how I feel about this product as I don’t put any eye make up aside from mascara… I guess that’s why it’s on the bottom two. This looks promising though because for make up amateurs or beginners like me, we can complete a make up look without sweating the eye part by just swiping this on.

ColorSilk Beautifil Color in Medium Rich Brown

ColorSilk Beautifil Color in Medium Rich Brown (100ml @ 395PhP)

Lastly we have this hair dye. It’s on the bottom of the list for one reason: it’s almost the same shade as my natural hair color so using this won’t even create anything new. This one’s already set to be given to my mom. 😀

Total box Value: 3,570 PhP

For a 1,480 PhP subscription, is it worth it? Yes! But I do hope BDJ would start partnering with other unknown brands (perhaps Japanese, Korean brands?) so we can actually discover new or promising brands. While the box is great, the products are easily available in malls. The only difference we have is that we got ours for a lesser price.

For BDJ Box Subscription, please head over to bdjbox.com. As of this writing only the November and December Elite Boxes are available. You can also follow them on Facebook: BDJ Box


39 thoughts on “UNBOXING: August 2015 BDJ Elite Box X The Look of Love by Revlon

    • Mommah Wonders says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I actually learned about BDJ Box after getting the planner for 2015. hehehe… It’s actually worth the money because you get 2-3 times worth of products the box subscription cost.


    • Mommah Wonders says:

      Yes! Their box contents for the past 6 months have been quite predictable and disappointing. Hope the remaining months will provide us with something new.


  1. Marisse Krizza says:

    I’m not really into cosmetics. I am just lazy to put on make up even when I was still in the corporate world. I’ve heard about this great deal long time ago but I haven’t tried it yet. I think for those who love cosmetics and other beauty products, it can give you a great savings.


    • Mommah Wonders says:

      Would you believe me if I say I’m not that into cosmetics as well? Hehehe! I am fascinated by it that’s why I subscribed to BDJ Box and I sometimes buy a couple of cosmetic products. But I don’t really use them! 😀 So subscribing to the box goes well for people who are just starting to build up their kit as they can get twice or thrice the worth of their subscription compared to spending the same amount of money and buying them at malls.


    • Mommah Wonders says:

      Hi Melgie!

      Thanks for dropping by! I think beauty boxes are totally an “in” thing. I’m looking forward to other beauty boxes providers in the future. 🙂


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