Welcome to Mommah Wonders!

Mommah Wonders is a mommy friendly blog that tackles everything that a mother like me wonders about most of the time. I created this blog to share helpful information or my two cents on some of my passions in life: being a mother and a wife, food, and working and earning online!

You will also see product reviews and unboxing posts once in a while since I am a fan of subscription boxes as well as beauty and cosmetic products.

About the Author

Icee Sumatra-Baterna is a stay and work at home mom of two. She is happily married to the love of her life. She is a psychology-enthusiast and loves reading and watching suspense-thriller books/movies.

A certified sweet tooth, Icee loves to try anything sweet– shakes, frappes, cakes and other desserts! She loves to cook for her family and go out trying new food establishments.

She is also one of the greatest Executive Virtual Assistants in the world (self-proclaimed, walang kokontra! 😀 ) So if you want to know a thing or two about being a virtual assistant or working online, feel free to email her or use the contact form here.

Join her as she goes through the wonders of motherhood.




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