House Help: Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring One


The past two days have been quite stressful to me and my husband. We discovered that my sister in law lost her money while she was staying at our house. Knowing that we didn’t take it, we only had one suspect in mind– our new house help (HH) who has only been with us for more than a week.

I quickly took a peek at her bag to check if it was her. And lo and behold… a 1000 bill was there… neatly tucked in her wallet and it was the only thing there. I knew right then that she really stole it. How? First, she wasn’t paid by her previous “employer”; second, two days in, we gave her a 200php cash advance because she asked for some time off to attend a birthday party and she didn’t have any cash. So how in the world did she have that money?

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ERVantage Prepaid Card Denominations

Affordable HMO with PhilCare’s ERVantage line

As a mom and a wife, one of my greatest fears is for any of my beloved babies or for my husband to be hospitalized. Last year alone, George was hospitalized twice for two different reasons: amoebiasis and viral fever. And despite being a PhilHealth member, the hospital bills were still pretty high. My husband and I have always talked about availing of an HMO. I’ve searched and searched and searched online for something that we can both afford. However, with premiums ranging from 1500PhP/month above, we didn’t push through.

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