Mommah Wonders is a mommy/parenting/lifestyle blog. It is open for sponsorship, advertising, product feature, product or brand review and/or giveaways, press release, personal coaching, collaboration or what not. Just send an email to or use the contact form below.

Product feature and review

Any product that is mommy and family-friendly are very much welcome to be reviewed and featured on the Mommah Wonders blog. If you want your product or business to be reviewed or featured, feel free to send me a sample of your product or email me an invite to visit your establishment. Send me a message for more details.

Hire me

I am an executive virtual assistant with 6 solid years of working online. I offer administrative help, writing, social media management and bookkeeping among other things.

Coaching and speaking engagements

Do you want to start working and earning online? I can teach you everything you need to know from the basics of the online jobs community to getting your first online job to growing and maintaining your client base!




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